Below you can find unofficial binaries for Console. The distribution is the same as found on the project download page, but the binaries are built for Windows x64.

I've been using the 2.00b142 on Windows XP x64, and I'm now using 2.00b144 on Windows Vista x64. My setup is rather simple, black DejaVu Sans Mono font on white background, using Default font smoothing.

File Description
Console-x64-2.00b144-Beta.zip Console 2.00b144 for Windows x64.
Console-x64-2.00b143-Beta.zip Console 2.00b143 for Windows x64.
Console-x64-2.00b142-Beta.zip Console 2.00b142 for Windows x64.
Console-x64-2.00b142.1-Beta.zip Console 2.00b142 for Windows x64 with this change.
Console-x64-2.00b141-Beta.zip Console 2.00b141 for Windows x64.
Console-x64-2.00b141.1-Beta.zip Console 2.00b141 for Windows x64 with this change.


Here's the source code, in case you'd like to build Console yourself. To build it you need the following.

Please add the dependencies to the Visual Studio VC++ Directories. Other dependencies (Tabbing Framework, FreeImage) are included.

The solution includes x86 and x64 targets.

File Description Bazaar Branch
Console-2.00b144-Beta.zip Console 2.00b144. http://bzr.rblasch.org/console/2.00b144
Console-2.00b143-Beta.zip Console 2.00b143. http://bzr.rblasch.org/console/2.00b143
Console-2.00b142-Beta.zip Console 2.00b142. http://bzr.rblasch.org/console/2.00b142
Console-2.00b142.1-Beta.zip Console 2.00b142 with this change. http://bzr.rblasch.org/console/2.00b142/alpha-blending