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Welcome to the pod-input Plugin

Apache Forrest - pod-input Plugin

This plugin allows documents in perldoc format to be used as input to Apache Forrest.

This plugin is in early stages of development. Expect things to be broken. Still, give it a try, as most things work fine, but make sure you take a look at the Status page.

Getting Started

Note that you need the a recent 0.7-dev Snapshot of Apache Forrest, which contains plugin support.

Add the following to your forrest.properties.


Then drop your documents in perldoc format in your xdocs directory, with suffix .pod or .pm.

Known Limitations

The following things are known to be broken.

No nested =over handling. Thus, currently no lists of lists.

No error detection and reporting. So please make sure your document is valid.

No documentation. Sorry, I'm working on that, too.


Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Feel free to drop me a mail with your suggestions at ron at rblasch.org.


First, please make sure your pod document is valid, for example with podchecker, which should come with your favorite perl distribution.

.../content/xdocs>podchecker status.pod
status.pod pod syntax OK.

Please check the status page if the problem is already known.

If you think you found a new bug, please drop me a mail at ron at rblasch.org, containing an offending pod sample and, if possible, a Forrest xdoc with the expected output.